category winners

Art is an integral part of how we define ourselves and our relationship with each other and the world. It is a mediator between the conceptual and the sensorial, the physical and the virtual. As the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies become more ubiquitous, Art can serve as an important bridge between technology and the general public. This can create dialogue and consciousness, ultimately informing our social decisions which will shape our collective future.

Adaptation is a competition and an event aimed at envisioning the interstices of art and technology, utilizing the Internet of Things as means to sense and visualize both the physical and the virtual world. The event is scheduled to take place in Berlin, Germany during the summer of 2017. The competition is open for artists and technologists to work together and co-create. Thinking critically about the technology, as well as multimedia collaborations which might include sound, visual arts or light, are all encouraged.

Artists are invited to submit your proposal for one of the four different categories of the competition:

- Quantified Self
- Interactive Spaces
- Environment & Data
- Smart Cities

Competition details

Four artists will be selected, one per category, in December 2016. The selection will be made by a panel of artists, developers and hardware providers, who will assess both the artistic merit of the proposed artworks, as well as the technical viability within the given time frame.

The winners will have 5 months to realize their proposals. They will have the support of hardware device providers: BioAssist for QuantifiedSelf, Atos for Smart Spaces, and Libelium for Smart Cities. The artists will also be paired with software developers from the Eclipse community for support. Finally, they will meet with Jolocom, event organizer, on a monthly basis for review and continuity.